Anything is Possible

Coach Thomas Dooley has signed a feature film contract with REEL MAGIC PARTNERS and FILIPINO FILM CLUB. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE is based on the life story of this award-winning coach and Football Hall of Famer.

Dooley’s coaching style and life lesson examples helped the AZKALs (Philippine men’s national soccer team) go from a 1-17 season and a one-time FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) ranking of 150, to an undefeated season with an FIFA ranking of 111. They set 11 International football records and earned a first time qualification to the coveted Asian Cup.

AZKALS team with text overlay: FIFA rancking 113

At 17, Dooley was diagnosed with a rare disease that essentially turns your bones to glass and deteriorates the connective tissue. He was told to anticipate life in a wheelchair within a few years.

Coach Dooley robbed the wheelchair of an occupant. He went on to win German DFB Cup, German Supercup and German Bundesliga Championship with 1. FC Kaiserslautern, UEFA Cup with FC Schalke 04. He became the US World Cup Team Captain and a Football Hall of Famer.

team on field holding flag

Anything is Possible — the Film

The story is as heart-warming as the hit television movie Brian’s Song and as inspirational as the blockbuster RudyANYTHING IS POSSIBLE will take you on one young man’s journey to fulfill the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Not only did he need to beat the odds, as all professional athletes must do, but he had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds due to physical challenges.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE focuses on coach Dooley’s faith and positive mental attitude. As a result, you’ll see how he answered the question, “What are you willing to do to get what you want?”

During a recent interview, Coach Dooley stated, “This movie is not about me. It’s about giving every member of the team tools and lessons so THEY can do and be whatever they want.”

Coach Dooley on they field with arms raised -- inspiration for Anything is Possible

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