Join Us

In addition to knowing you are helping all of the Filipinos involved in the production with your membership, you will receive:

  1. Membership plaque
  2. Membership card
  3. Members baseball type hat or T-shirt
  4. Autographed memorabilia from the projects
  5. Access to the future members only section of the website which will include:

Production stills and updates
Complete downloadable scripts of projects
Interviews with members of the cast and crew
Video streaming (when possible) from filming locations in the Philippines

Members will have the opportunity for themselves or a family member to work in or on a project based upon their unique skills or those they want to acquire. Travel will be at the member’s expense. This benefit would most likely be used by someone such as a make-up artist, set designer, electrical contractor or other professional looking for a more “hands on” way to help.

HOWEVER: It also means that if you have a family member living in the Province of the Philippines in which we are filming, they will be given a priority position in the application and audition process. If they do not qualify for a primary position in/on the production, they will be offered another position such as being an “extra.”

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