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After a recent vacation/location scouting trip to the Philippines, some of the management of Reel Magic Productions, Inc. realized that there was a startling need for qualified film crews outside of the capital.

Although dozens of big budget films have been produced throughout the hundreds of islands that make up the Philippines, the crews that do exist are only in Manila, the capital of the country.

Unfortunately, this “crews only where the government is based” has become all too common around the world. Large film studios will come to a region where the government has begun offering tax and labor incentives in order to stimulate the economy, with the idea and belief that the studios will, during production, start the training of local individuals so that they will become “skilled crew members” after several productions. This would increase both the individuals’ vocational opportunities and their ability to earn a higher wage and thus be taxed on those wages.

In reality, a few people living in proximity to the capital cities in the countries attempting to build a film and television production base are hired briefly as token members of the crew if the studio needs to film in or around the capital. Once they leave the capital, the only hiring of local people that is generally done is to hire them as drivers, janitors, sometimes translators and if they are really fortunate…”Production Assistants,” which is at this level, a “go-for” with a title.

In a country where the annual wage is $1,500-$2,400 USD there is no reason why the entertainment industry is not making a major impact and improving the lives of hundreds of people.

Reel Magic Productions wants to change this by starting, and helping to fund:


The purpose and goal of this club will be:

  • The production of commercially viable film, television and new media projects in the Philippines
  • Training Filipino production crews in areas outside the capital region
  • Allowing Filipinos to earn substantially higher incomes while gaining vocational experience
  • Promote the Philippines as a fabulous filming location and tourist destination

The first and most basic question is: HOW?

As a first step in helping make this mission statement a reality, Reel Magic Productions has already committed $50,000 USD in equipment usage and production services.

Additionally, they have begun working with a local storyteller in Anda, Bohol on a project with the working title of “The Buddha of Bohol,” a horror movie based on local history and legend. Based around both the stories of Japanese gold hidden in the region and the discovery of a Golden Buddha by locals, this movie is an action horror film with timely commercial viability.

Filipino Film Club has also spoken with a small group of storytellers from two of the small villages (Barangays) in the municipalities of Guinobatan and Camalig that have been affected by the on-going eruptions of Mt. Mayon in the province of Albay. These people are among the nearly 90,000 living in the 58 evacuation centers as this is being written.

By promoting low-budget productions within the independent film community, Filipino Film Club believes they can assist in channeling 5-15 media related projects per year to the Philippines. This will be done via the internet, word of mouth and direct networking with groups and individuals such as Film Independent (the people that bring you the IFC channel and the Spirit Awards), members of The Writers Guild of America, The Screen Actors Guild and the International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees (IATSE) just to name a few.

Each production shot in the Philippines will be made up of 75-80% Filipino cast and crew with the 20-25% Anglo cast and crew acting as teachers and mentors throughout the entire project.

With this “hands on” experience and the opportunity to work toward the creation of their own “REEL,” these people will be able to prove their experience, ability and creative talents anywhere in the world, not just the Philippines.

A portion of the profits (60-75%) from the projects will go towards marketing the Filipino Film Club projects and the continued training and networking of the developing entertainment industry infrastructure. Also, it is anticipated that the membership, being primarily Filipino-Americans, will help to promote the projects as these projects promote the Philippines, their homeland and culture.

Corporate and Tax Status

Filipino Film Club is an I.R.S. approved 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational corporation. This means that any contribution or gift you make is tax deductible. We recommend verifying this with your tax professional.

Additionally, in states such as Washington and Nevada, which require state registration, we have registered separately in order to be in compliance with local regulations.

For those in a position to use us as part of their tax and/or estate planning see our “Membership” option below.

EVERY contribution and gift is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to join us as a member at this time, a gift of any size may be made by clicking here or on the donate button in the sidebar.


Membership in the FILIPINO FILM CLUB will require a one-time initiation fee of $500 USD and a $50 USD annual renewal fee and is targeted at Filipino-Americans that are committed to helping promote both an understanding of the Filipino culture and improving the economic conditions of the country.


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